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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's EID . Hellooo ! I thought the blog has been dead since there are no new posts . But hell yeah , the big family of goden is grabbing this golden chance to meet each other . Well , as usual the situation is more of chaos and hectic . Still we enjoy this raya *as usual* and of course there are no apparent reasons to hate raya . All the family members are coming home to celebrate raya . We definitely hadnt slept over at atok's house . Except for wak nani's family *cuz their house at tg malim* . Well , nothing much to say bout this raya . And im sorry , the pics ..... well , i hate to say that my laptop , i cant upload the pics in the blog from the cellphones , as well as the cameras . Somebody , help me to upload the pics pleaseeee :] Hihi

And yes , orang lain pun boleh post anything dalam blog ni . And aku tak kesah pn klw korang nk gune bm :)

Yours sincerely , Teah -----<3

Sunday, May 17, 2009

OH MY GOD!celebration

Im sorry guys for not keeping this blog up-to-date as it should be. ngeh3 :P well , recently , our family had this little gathering (sort of) on 10th of may 2009 - mothers' day . we were kinda celebrating mothers' day unofficially on that day . But unfortunately , not all of din's members were coming AS IT SHOULD BE! gahh! we actually did some pot lucks and yeah it was fun!God forbid , my family wouldnt have to prepare so much food eventhough FOOD is a major compulsary for din's family . we are FOODMANIAC hehe ;P we brought some spaghetti curry , pengat , and snacks . not to be forgotten the drinks were also prepared by us (vanilla coke & 100 plus) . while mak brought along nasi beriyani ! yum3 . she bought it at a restaurant sheikh something (sorry , i didnt remember lahh) . the nasi yes , i admit is DAMNYUMMY . i am not actually a beriyani's lover bcause sometimes , the rice just has so much spices and all that but this one is really exceptable . haha for me . ok back to the topic , wak sal and wak nor also brought along their own food . and the most funny part was the argument between daddy and wak lee session . Fyi , they were arguing about the jambu 88 thingy . wak lee said it isnt good for health,it got poison and all that while daddy defenced himself as he said that that jambu 88 is soaked with salt water and all that . he explained bout that jambu 88 as if he sold that guavas for god's sake . but all after all , it was such a memorable moments . and hell yeah , we also gave present to nenek which is a SECRET huhu ;P we ate and talk and ate again . so full lahh dat day . we gossiped and laugh gegege~ and when the sky was twilight in colour we decided to go home as tomorrow was a monday . so bye2~

Friday, January 2, 2009

new layout :0

emo style?
perhaps not
like or hate?
coment on this post!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

starring above from the right : c.osman,abg udin,mama and adek,daddy,pain,teah and iman

this picture was taken at the waterfront of kuching.the view is calming.
we went there for SOME shopping,we also went for a sightseeing.the breeze from the lake was really
great.believe me.but most of our times, we stucked in the shopping place.gahh!
the scenery was like OK,not too bad, but not too nice.
overall,it was OK ;P

Monday, December 15, 2008


its been a while since my last post
to my cuszie,i miss you guys!
when our next outting will be?
its just been a decade since our last gathering && im starting to forget the face of each of u!
haha kidding xP
and yea!
hawa n haris : tell me more about cherating.its awesomeness and the beach
and of cors the family potrait during the vacation.

sarawak been a fab place for tourists.but for me,the room i mean the apartment room is much wayyy FABULOUSA than the sarawak itself
haha rather sit in the peace and calm room than going out on the hottsunnyday!
well yea,as u noe,sarawak got a really heavy rainy day
all day long and all night long :((
the food is awesome.
and sarawak is progressing than 10 years before.
last but not least,
i will tell more about our vacation when i do post the photos
i'll keep the detail just for information.
thanx for reading

p/s im sick of boredome-during-holiday disease,it kills me slowly

Friday, November 21, 2008


hey u freaking harith please label yourself when u are posting the post ?_? haha
well well well,please comment on the layout of this blog.is the pinkyblack ok with u guys?
or maybe i shud chnge it for better?

and as btw,on the last 20th of nov2008,mama and daddy were celebrating their 20th anniversary!
succha long time huh?
grr..whatevah it is,HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ;))

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cutest Boy on Earth !!!


Who am I ??

Why am I so cute ??


I'll keep you guessing...


Thanks for reading.