hatin on da club

Friday, November 21, 2008


hey u freaking harith please label yourself when u are posting the post ?_? haha
well well well,please comment on the layout of this blog.is the pinkyblack ok with u guys?
or maybe i shud chnge it for better?

and as btw,on the last 20th of nov2008,mama and daddy were celebrating their 20th anniversary!
succha long time huh?
grr..whatevah it is,HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ;))

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cutest Boy on Earth !!!


Who am I ??

Why am I so cute ??


I'll keep you guessing...


Thanks for reading.

an awesome family!
this picture was taken during the recent raya(recent?perhaps - -')
well the yellow one is mak(zaiton),blckie guy(harith)and the bluey
one is hawa,yeah the kids are my cousins and their mom is my aunt.
unfortunately,bapak wasnt there during the photography session , so
im sorry bapak! :DD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

bapak's bday

today is bapak's bday and eventhou we r not celebrating it,doest even mean we forget bout bapak
to bapak: HAPPY BIRTHDAY,smoge bapak dpt sume yg bpak nk dlm hidup!huhu,jge kesihatan,sbb mkin lme mkin tue bkn mkin mude! ;)

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

p/s: bapak is my uncle,goes by the name kamarulzaman,beloved husbnd of mak,flows by the name zaiton,and the biological mom of hawa,harith and hanis ;DD

Monday, November 17, 2008

hye every1...
i'm hawa..cousin of teah..
teah is not fair coz didn't put her pic ;)
lets get to know my big family
we shared lots of happiness 2gether
especially teah, her sis n me of course hehe
juz wait 4 more ya

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hari RAYA!

yay!asking for forgiveness,kumpul manyak2 dwit raya!,and also visiting our relatives are our activities during raya.raya means makan!so mkn puas2!i also post the pixxi of these twoo lil odd cousins(i will just say unique!)haha.check it out :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


this blog is mainly about my real big family.
yep,i mean it.it consists of my nenek and n atok as well.
so juz figure it out how big my family is.
well peeps,fer d starter,
i will juz namely myself as teah.
any updates,i will just keep in touch wif dis blog.
so keep on reading our blogs.
i will keep it up to date!
so,dontcha worry bout anything.
bye.will ttyl :)