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Sunday, May 17, 2009

OH MY GOD!celebration

Im sorry guys for not keeping this blog up-to-date as it should be. ngeh3 :P well , recently , our family had this little gathering (sort of) on 10th of may 2009 - mothers' day . we were kinda celebrating mothers' day unofficially on that day . But unfortunately , not all of din's members were coming AS IT SHOULD BE! gahh! we actually did some pot lucks and yeah it was fun!God forbid , my family wouldnt have to prepare so much food eventhough FOOD is a major compulsary for din's family . we are FOODMANIAC hehe ;P we brought some spaghetti curry , pengat , and snacks . not to be forgotten the drinks were also prepared by us (vanilla coke & 100 plus) . while mak brought along nasi beriyani ! yum3 . she bought it at a restaurant sheikh something (sorry , i didnt remember lahh) . the nasi yes , i admit is DAMNYUMMY . i am not actually a beriyani's lover bcause sometimes , the rice just has so much spices and all that but this one is really exceptable . haha for me . ok back to the topic , wak sal and wak nor also brought along their own food . and the most funny part was the argument between daddy and wak lee session . Fyi , they were arguing about the jambu 88 thingy . wak lee said it isnt good for health,it got poison and all that while daddy defenced himself as he said that that jambu 88 is soaked with salt water and all that . he explained bout that jambu 88 as if he sold that guavas for god's sake . but all after all , it was such a memorable moments . and hell yeah , we also gave present to nenek which is a SECRET huhu ;P we ate and talk and ate again . so full lahh dat day . we gossiped and laugh gegege~ and when the sky was twilight in colour we decided to go home as tomorrow was a monday . so bye2~