hatin on da club

Monday, December 15, 2008


its been a while since my last post
to my cuszie,i miss you guys!
when our next outting will be?
its just been a decade since our last gathering && im starting to forget the face of each of u!
haha kidding xP
and yea!
hawa n haris : tell me more about cherating.its awesomeness and the beach
and of cors the family potrait during the vacation.

sarawak been a fab place for tourists.but for me,the room i mean the apartment room is much wayyy FABULOUSA than the sarawak itself
haha rather sit in the peace and calm room than going out on the hottsunnyday!
well yea,as u noe,sarawak got a really heavy rainy day
all day long and all night long :((
the food is awesome.
and sarawak is progressing than 10 years before.
last but not least,
i will tell more about our vacation when i do post the photos
i'll keep the detail just for information.
thanx for reading

p/s im sick of boredome-during-holiday disease,it kills me slowly