hatin on da club

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It's EID . Hellooo ! I thought the blog has been dead since there are no new posts . But hell yeah , the big family of goden is grabbing this golden chance to meet each other . Well , as usual the situation is more of chaos and hectic . Still we enjoy this raya *as usual* and of course there are no apparent reasons to hate raya . All the family members are coming home to celebrate raya . We definitely hadnt slept over at atok's house . Except for wak nani's family *cuz their house at tg malim* . Well , nothing much to say bout this raya . And im sorry , the pics ..... well , i hate to say that my laptop , i cant upload the pics in the blog from the cellphones , as well as the cameras . Somebody , help me to upload the pics pleaseeee :] Hihi

And yes , orang lain pun boleh post anything dalam blog ni . And aku tak kesah pn klw korang nk gune bm :)

Yours sincerely , Teah -----<3